Geraldine Observatory

About Geraldine Observatory:

Has a  large roll on roll off roofed observatory housing a 14inch Schmidt–Cassergrain  telescope, six inch refractor, & 4 inch triplet refractor.
A  smaller observatory housing a 11inch Schmidt–Cassergrain telescope, 8 inch Takahashi Epsilon astrograph.
A dedicated H-Alpha solar telescope is also available for solar observing.



Peters Observatory is fully equipped, the Celestron C14 telescope is set up roboticly and used for Supernova hunting (exploding stars), Peter set up the observatory  with help from his friend Kip, the observatory can be operated from anywhere using a computer or Peters iPad, very handy when Peter and Wyn are away fishing. Peter has been involved in astronomy for over 72 years, the two observatories are two of the seven he has built over the years. Peter is very active in Outreach astronomy (making astronomy accessible to the public) he has scout groups, girl guides and many community groups through his observatory. To arrange a tour of the observatory and observing session please email Peter by clicking here.


Many thanks to everybody who has visited the observatory, we sincerely enjoy sharing the night sky with you.

A recent aerial image showing the new large roll on roll off roofed observatory, allowing larger groups through.


Aerial image of the original observatories showing both domes.
Imaged by UAV